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Our goalie pad vinyl is a light weight, flexible vinyl. Unlike our competitors, our vinyl works on speed skin fabric and moulds to curves easily. Once applied it is hard to tell the difference between the vinyl and the goalie pad itself.  It doesn't leave any residue and is very durable. Heating up the vinyl with a blow dryer can make applying it to your pads even easier. 

GREEN - Goalie Pad Vinyl Wrap

SKU: 156
  • Recommended for goalie pads made post 2007. Some older goalie pads do not take to the adhesive well. 

  • Our vinyl sheets come as (one size fits all). It will be up to you to measure the area you want to wrap before ordering. This will help you calculate exactly how much vinyl you need. One sheet should be enough to wrap parts of your pads, glove and blocker for both large and small pads.

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