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     All Custom Cages Decal Kits are printed to order. That means a kit is only printed once an order is placed. Due to the nature of this transaction all sales are final. Once the product is delivered it is up to the customer to apply it to their goalie mask. All risk of installation lands on the customer.


    Tax rates apply differently throughout each province in Canada. If you live in Saskatchewan, you will have to pay 5 percent PST upon delivery. If you live in Quebec, you will have to pay 9.975 percent QST upon delivery. If you live in any other province, taxes will automatically be calculated through the check out. If you live in the United States, the delivery company will apply the taxes upon pick up of the product. Once purchased, a decal kit will be shipped within 2 business days. An electronic receipt  and tracking number will be e-mailed to the customer after the product has been shipped. If you picked the 'standard' shipping option you will not receive a tracking number. All shipping costs are charged as a flat rate and will be automatically added on during check out. 



Section 1.0      

Custom Cages will not be held liable for any damages which may occur during the shipping of our products. We are not liable for any long term damage, on ice damage, or damage during the installation of our products and/or persons wearing them. Applying vinyl to ridged surfaces can be challenging and risk of installation lies on the customer. Custom Cages Decal Kits are designed to fit most carbon fiber goalie masks. We are not liable for the application of our products to any poly carbonate/ carbon fiber helmets. Adding any sort of paint or adhesive to a goalie helmet might lead to injury and/or damage to the helmet. Applying any paint or adhesive to a goalie mask in North America might nullify any Warranty, CSA or HECC approval the mask previously had. This risk lands on the customer and Custom Cages will not be held liable. We do not advise adding our decals on aftermarket paint jobs or second hand helmets. Custom Cages decal kits have been tested on most brand name helmets. If the customers mask is rare, or uniquely shaped, we cannot guarantee fitting. Our Decal Kits are printed onto a non-permanent vinyl and are not meant to last forever. We do not suggest to keep a decal set on your mask for a prolonged period of time.


*For more information on Hockey Canada standards, follow the link below.


Section 1.1

By submitting a Custom Cages design request, the user abides by the following terms of use and carries out the responsibility of complying by these terms through the entire process of decal customisation, thereby dismissing of any liability or misuse of the service that contradicts the terms of use.


Section 1.2

Any user submitting a Custom Cages design request, assumes full responsibility for the use of any intellectual property, and it’s affiliates do not assume responsibility for the unlicensed use of intellectual properties or misuse of any images, derivative or otherwise, within a Custom Cages design request, design template preview or any purchased, printed or shipped materials. Hereby, submitting said request, is an act of assuming responsibility of acquiring permission to use any intellectual properties, derivative or otherwise. And hereby agreeing that any use of intellectual property used in a Custom Cages design request is under the permission of the author or artist or license holder of said property.

Section 1.2 reserves the right to deny design template requests for any reason.


Section 1.3

Goalie Pad Vinyl


-The digital color palette does not necessarily represent the final product once printed. is not responsible for any mistakes made during the installation of the pad vinyl and/or any injuries. is not responsible for any on/ice injuries and/or any damage done to the goalie pads while using our goalie pad vinyl. 




     Should a customer have any questions or concerns about our products they can e-mail us at We will reply as promptly as possible.

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