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Welcome to our new goalie pad customization page. In this store you will be able to pick a template, edit colors, upload your logo, and more. You can purchase your design directly from the product page. no more waiting for templates!


*PLEASE NOTE*doing this on a desktop is recommended.

  1. the first thing you will need is a high quality logo. We've attached an example below. The best way to get one of these is from your organization.

2. You will need to turn this image into a Png. png's do not have a background and are transparent. this is easy to do. follow the link below, upload your image and remove the background. if your image is already a png, please ignore this step.

3. You're ready to start! Click one of the 4 templates below. Once the page loads, click on the "customize this design" button. Once your done, simply press the      button and add to cart. 


Note* When using converter, you may have to use the "restore and erase" tool to perfect your image.